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Browse Tools & Utilities - Internet : 201-250 programs listed after popularity

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  • VoiceCall  202)   VoiceCall 4.3
    VoiceCall is an answering system and telephone dialer with Caller ID and Speakerphone support. The answering system features multiple profiles, remote message retrieval, toll saver, call screening and text-to-speech engine support.

  • IECount  203)   IECount 3.2
    Addon for internet explorer: limits number of ie at desktop, stops popups, quick customizes ie properties, controls proxy, performs search in Google, Yahoo. IECount is a set of useful ie tips and tricks to surf more pleasure!

  • URLBase 6 Professional Edition  204)   URLBase 6 Professional Edition
    URLBase 6 is a powerful and easy to use bookmark manager. URLBase 5 provides a wide range of functionality, aimed to give you full control of your favorite websites, whether you're a novice or an expert.

  • Engineers Edition  205)   Engineers Edition 7.1
    An arsenal of over 45 Networking Tools. Includes Bandwidth & CPU Monitoring, Network Discovery, Cisco Router tools, Performance tools, Fault Management with email Alerting and a Full MIB Browser. This download is the most complete toolset available.

  • DigiPosts  206)   DigiPosts 2.0
    DigiPosts is a totally new way to look at discussion board software. DigiPosts' enterprise-level message board technology is priced so affordably that any web site can benefit.

  • FlexiBrowser  207)   FlexiBrowser 1.4
    A free, full web browser, designed to improve Internet security, popup-blocking and to offer convenience features that neither Explorer nor Opera implemented.

  • SynchPst for Outlook  208)   SynchPst for Outlook 2.1.4
    SynchPst - the easy way to synchronize data among two personal folders. Just choose either single or multiple folders/subfolders to synchronize. Synchronize all Outlook items including notes and distribution lists. Deletions are supported, too.

  • Surf Trail Washer  209) Surf Trail Washer 7.00
    There are many ways and tools to delete the trail you leave on your computer when you visit websites - but this one already washes it away while you are surfing! The program runs nearly unrecognizable in the background - without any loss of comfort!

  • 2X ApplicationServer  210)   2X ApplicationServer 5.0
    Tunnels Windows Applications onto remote desktops (including Linux and Mac): Install the application once on the server & eliminate the administration hassle of deploying the applications on all workstations. Tunneling applications securely via SSL.

  • TZ Privacy Guard  211)   TZ Privacy Guard
    TZ Privacy Gaurd lets you encrypt and lock your IE favorites and history folders. Your History, favorite's folders and private information: passwords, credit card numbers, social security number etc. can expose a lot of your private information.

  • Avensen Domain Name Finder  212)   Avensen Domain Name Finder 2.21
    Avensen domain Name Finder is a fast and easy-to-use domain name generation and availability check software. Program features include: misspelled domain names generator, build-in thesaurus and multithreaded domain name availability checking.

  • Drupal Blogger  213)   Drupal Blogger Updated
    The most powerful, feature intense, revolutionary, TESTED and PROVEN one-way backlink building software available on the web today!

  • DVdriver  214)   DVdriver 1.0
    Lets you use your camcorder in software designed for webcams.

  • JUpload  215)   JUpload 0.79
    Upload multiple files to the webserver. Using standard HTTP protocol and supporting PHP,ASP,JSP,IIS,Apache,Tomcat,ColdFusion. Features secure HTTP, proxy support, image preview, file transfer resuming, progress bar and more.

  • Izlenim Site Monitor  216)   Izlenim Site Monitor 1.00
    Keep an eye on your Web sites and be alerted via E-Mail and/or ICQ if one or more sites goes down.

  • PortsLock  217)   PortsLock 1.8
    PortsLock is a firewall with user-level access controls for Windows NT/2000/XP. Once PortsLock is installed, administrators can assign permissions to TCP/IP connections, just as they would in managing permissions on an NTFS partition of a hard disk.

  • TubeAdder  218)   TubeAdder 1.0
    TubeAdder is the best youtube friend adder - a great youtube bot - excellent software to use for youtube marketing Build a long list of friends to add to your YouTube friends list - Try free before you buy!

  • SkypeCap  219)   SkypeCap 3.2.9
    With SkypeCap you are able to record microphone audio chatting and moreover, the most interesting part - webcam real-time Skype video. Your partner won't be aware his/her video and audio session being captured by SkypeCap.

  • IEManager  220)   IEManager 4.3
    Enhance Internet Explorer with quick links in tray, web search in Google and Yahoo, unwanted windows and popup killer, automatic proxy management system, quick IE properties manager, IE toolbar skins and other internal IE customization options

  • SecureCRT  221)   SecureCRT 8.2.4
    SecureCRT is a rock-solid terminal emulator with the strong encryption and authentication options of the Secure Shell protocol. SecureCRT has advanced session management features, a multi-session tabbed interface, scripting, and numerous emulations.

  • SV WebSurfing History  223)   SV WebSurfing History 2.1
    WebSurfing History allows you to store a visual web surfing history, independently from the Internet Explorer history data. It stores detailed information about each web site you have visited and automatically captures a screenshot of every web page.

  • Auction Sentry Deluxe  224)   Auction Sentry Deluxe 1.6.5
    Track eBay auctions and automate bids (snipe!) with this management tool. Tracks and snipes eBay auctions. Auction Sentry Deluxe has everything Auction Sentry has plus a built in browser, conditional bidding (Bid Groups) and other major improvments.

  • TrueClean  225)   TrueClean 1.2
    TrueClean will protect your privacy after you are done surfing by removing all traces of your activity – nobody who uses your computer after you will know what you have done or where you have been.

  • ApacheConf  226)   ApacheConf 5.0
    ApacheConf is a shell (GUI) for configuring Apache web servers that will help you to tune the main configuration httpd.conf file. ApacheConf presents all the information in the httpd.conf file in a structured view.

  • WinMLS 2000  227)   WinMLS 2000 3
    Perform audio, acoustical and vibrational measurements user-friendly, accurate and flexible using a sound card. WinMLS2000 is widely used by pros. Now low-cost versions allow the amateur to perform professional loudspeaker and room measurements.

  • ATS MultiPage Control Center  228)   ATS MultiPage Control Center 1.0.0
    Open and control multiple web pages with your favorite browser. Hide and show the selected pages (or all of them), open and close additional programs automatically (firewall, messenger, etc). Import your links in a tree view and more, much more...

  • Mail Inspector  229)   Mail Inspector 4.1
    Mail Inspector can check for new emails and notify you. Delete mails directly on the server without downloading them. Includes some powerfull anti-spam filter. You also can send out quick-mails. Supported standards: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, SSL, APOP

  • GoGoData Toolbar for IE  230)   GoGoData Toolbar for IE
    GoGoData auto-fills your logins as you visit your secure websites & autofills web checkout forms, using data from up to three profiles. Blocks Popups, and can AutoRefresh web pages at user specified intervals. 128 bit encrypted file, fully portable

  • Net Pal  231)   Net Pal 1.2c
    Net Pal is an Internet dialer that provides re-dial and automatic reconnect functions, allows a minimum connect speed to be specified, tracks your online time and cost, has a ping feature to keep your connection alive and auto-dials on demand.

  • RSS MediaMiner  232)   RSS MediaMiner 1.0.8.
    MediaMiner is a data mining, web research and SEO tool. It specializes in news, press releases, podcasts, forums and blogs. Results are saved as XML, HTML (XSLT) or PDF. Included is a list of the world's largest companies as a test application.

  • Headline Viewer  233)   Headline Viewer 0.9.5
    Headline Viewer displays syndicated news headlines from over 3100 sources in a clean and organized fashion. Use Headline Viewer as a browser accessory, and scan headlines at lightning speed.

  • 0S Non-Proxy Atomic Sync  234)   0S Non-Proxy Atomic Sync 2.6
    A standard synchronizing program will not work if NTP (Network Time Protocol) is suppressed by a proxy or a firewall. This synchronizer uses plain access to WWW pages that show standard GMT time. It will work if you have access to Internet pages.

  • ZoomChat  235)   ZoomChat 4.3.0
    An application for free video communication via Internet on any broadband or even dial-up. Easy and convenient interface which doesn’t require special skills and knowledge. A free service available on

  • WebWatcher  236)   WebWatcher 1.1.24
    WebMasters watch LIVE hits on your web site with WebWatcher. WebWatcher uses your current page hit counter and displays the hits right on your desktop. It can monitor 20 different pages on 20 different sites all live. Download is a free trial

  • EyeOnSite  237)   EyeOnSite 1.7.0
    EyeOnSite is a tool that keeps an eye on your servers to see if they are accessible on the net. The services monitored are http, ftp, smtp and pop3. Incorporated are visual and audible alerts and option to launch an application or send an email.

  • IEToolKit  238)   IEToolKit 1.5.5
    IEToolkit allows you to capture a full size screenshot of an entire web page in image format; save the complete page to .MHT format or to save any element by simply dragging a target over it.a built-in popup killer lets you eliminated annoting ads.

  • Socket Workbench  239)   Socket Workbench 3.1
    Socket Workbench is the definitive tool for analysing socket communications that underlie the Internet and several types of inter-process communication.

  • Aarons WebVacuum  240)   Aarons WebVacuum 2.61f
    Aarons WebVacuum is a utility that downloads files from web sites. Ideal for downloading pictures from web pages with thumbnails, all the mp3s from web sites, or all the files off of any site.

  • CoffeeCup Privacy Cleaner  241)   CoffeeCup Privacy Cleaner 2.0
    Stop Websites and People from tracking your every Internet move. Privacy Cleaner can quickly erase your cache, cookies, history, visited Websites, typed URLs, Temp folders and more.

  • Eyecopia  242)   Eyecopia 1.3.1
    Easy security for protecting your home, securing businesses, watching over your family, or keeping an eye on pets. Eyecopia detects motion from webcams and camcorders, records video events, and sends notifications to email, cell, and Eyecopia Remote.

  • Phoner  243)   Phoner 1.7
    BackTrack ist eine kostenlose Linux-Distribution in Form einer Live-CD, die sich durch zahlreiche Hack- und Knack-Tools von vergleichbaren Linux-Live-CDs unterscheidet.

  • Subject Search Siter  244)   Subject Search Siter 5.0
    Your personal intelligent Web agent which investigates Web sites looking for your search phrase in 37 languages and finds information that is buried in it. SSSiter provides you with the report with a ranked list of page links and text extracts.

  • 5Loaves  245)   5Loaves 1.4
    An open source, cross platform, secure, internet tunneling platform with file transfer, web server, remote admin, proxy, and load balancing. Enables connections through or around firewalls and across sub-networks.

  • Site Status Checker  246)   Site Status Checker 2.1
    Site Status Checker is an Internet Software that includes tools like: Site's List Management, Traceroute, DNS Lookup, Finger, WhoIs, FTP Client, Internet Browser and Time Synchronize. Site's List Management allow to check whether site is alive or not

  • IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-ISP Database  247)   IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-ISP Database May.2013
    IP2Location(tm) IP-COUNTRY-ISP is commercial lookup database that translates IP address to country and internet service provider (ISP). Developers use this component for projects related to web, and client applications.

  • Qube Websearch Client  248)   Qube Websearch Client 1.13
    Qube is a next generation, websearch client for instant, single-click access to information from the collective index of traditional search engines. Point you mouse on ANY text and press Ctrl + Right Mouse Button and you've got the web results!

  • Magic NetTrace  249)   Magic NetTrace 3.0
    Magic NetTrace is a versatile program that combines ping, WHOIS and traceroute functions into one easy-to-use tool. It lets you identify the source of connectivity problems, track down spammers.

  • Index.dat Viewer  250)   Index.dat Viewer 4.0
    Index.dat Viewer allows you to see the contents of files hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited.

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